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If you’re trying to find a boiler service in Luton, Dunstable, Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard and surrounding areas you have got come to the correct place.

Having your boiler serviced annually is very important, because it maintains the efficiency of your boiler and reduces the likelihood of malfunction, additionally because the possibility of dangerous by-products of combustion being produced; namely carbon monoxide gas.

Regular boiler servicing offers these advantages:

  • Keeps the boiler efficient and saves money.
  • Keeps the boiler safe – this is a very dangerous gas remember!
  • Reduces frequency of boiler breakdowns.
  • Ensures that your insurance is valid – counting on your insurer requirements.
  • If you’re a landlord it keeps you legal.

In fact, these regulations and services apply to most gas appliance, not just boilers.

Boiler Service In Luton

At Perfect Pipes 24/7 Plumbing and Heating, although we are a little company involved during a diverse set of related activities, we nevertheless service boilers at many per day and every single day of the working year. So we all know what we do. We also install boilers and fix them once they break down.

Naturally, we only use registered Gas Safe and fully trained technicians to carry out boiler servicing and our staff carry with them proof of identity and their registration details on hand at all times. just in case you’re not aware, Gas Safe is the main official body that replaced the old Corgi register.

You can find more details on why boiler servicing is so important here: Top reasons why you should serviced

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Please call us for a price quotation on boiler servicing, or just to book an arrangement. Our prices are low compared to the industry giants and are similar to those charged by other independent companies.

You will find that we are a friendly, honest, efficient company, anxious to please and to try and do the most effective job possible.

So, if you need a boiler service in Luton, or nearby you know we are here and who to call. Look forward to speaking with you soon to talk over your requirements.

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