Heating and Boiler Breakdown in Luton

Is Your Boiler Broken Down?

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As Gas Safe registered engineers we are well positioned to fix a boiler breakdown in Luton.

Though, occasionally we get a callout for a boiler breakdown it’s sometimes the case that the boiler isn’t guilty in any respect, as there are variety of components in the heating system that may cause the system to fail.

In a boiler the common issues to a breakdown are the burner or the electronics, the fan, the gas valve,  but system wide we may need to check the thermostat, control unit, the water pump, or motorised valves, it hard to be certain until we get on site.

Very occasionally we stumble upon boilers that are damaged and in a truly bad way and we all are reminded of the importance of annual servicing. this is often quite unusual, though, most breakdowns are fairly easily repaired but this one had just gone to far and 85% of the parts where broken or had failed so was cheaper to just replace the boiler.

boiler breakdown in Luton

Boiler Breakdowns Are Given Priority

Since being without a boiler may be a serious issue, particularly for households with children and older people, we do our greatest to offer these calls priority and can often work outside normal hours if we aren’t immediately available.

We only use Gas Safe registered technicians to service, repair and work with gas appliances and make sure they each carry their accreditation with them.

If you have any faults with your boiler and heating system in Luton, whether it’s a boiler breakdown, or another component of the system such as thermostat or a blockage, we are here to assist.

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